Women In Rodeo is a social organization for women seeking to find sisterhood and adventure. It’s a community that supports women in their journey to find balance in work and life. Although we love the rodeo industry and rodeo’s will always be at the heart and soul of the organization, you do not need to be a rodeo gal to be a member… You’re a perfect fit if you love rodeo and the western way of life. Women In Rodeo Social Events, Coming together for sisterhood or to celebrate and support other members are the benefits of the Women In Rodeo Sisterhood. Rodeo’s will always be the heart and soul of WIR but our events will also include… outdoor adventures, philanthropic events, and social events around the country.

Joining gives members access to the Members Directory database, to the well-organized group events & activities planned throughout the year and the ability to sign up and join the adventures all over the US and even create & host new ones.

Events and special destination trips are on the horizon… Rodeo’s, horseback riding, Camping, Girls’ Night Out, junkin’, dancing, cooking, fishing, kayaking, wine tasting, potlucks, community service, fundraising and whatever else sounds fun to members! We’re looking forward to larger events that may be half day events to a weekend getaway!

Join todayYou do not need to be a rodeo gal to join!  

Join today and build new friendships while experiencing new adventures and building memories to last a lifetime. We have a spot just for YOU!