RNCFR Entertainment & Family Fun!

  We are only 5 days away from the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo, next Wednesday through Saturday night! The RNCFR has 4 days of FUN planned for you! It’s not just a Rodeo y’all! How about, a FREE Fan Zone, mouth-watering BBQ at the Florida Heritage BBQ Classic and live entertainment? Ride a mechanical bull, […]

Feeling Blessed!!

Sick in bed and reflecting. Thinking about my 10 years in Direct Sales… I feel blessed beyond belief when I think about the thousands of women I have met. Yep, literally thousands! When I think about the amazing customers, fellow direct sales family and all the women in my networking… it blows my mind! Many of […]

Fall Glitz

I absolutely LOVE the Fall! You can literally feel the change in the air and for some strange reason I swear I’m in a better mood from September through December. What is it that causes such a huge change in us? I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this and finally realized what it […]