Interview with Kassidy Cabot, 2014 Junior Miss Silver Spurs

Kassidy Cabot is an outstanding young lady… straight A student, active in her church, enjoys softball, gymnastics, cheerleading and the great sport of rodeo. She is the 12 year old daughter of Eric and Jenny Cabot of St. Cloud, Florida and the very first Junior Miss Silver Spurs in Silver Spurs Rodeo History. Kassidy has been a Women In Rodeo supporter for a long time and this week I will finally meet her at the Silver Spurs Pageant as she passes on the crown to the next Junior Silver Spurs Rodeo Queen.

Kassidy… I am honored to follow your rodeo career and know that you have a big future ahead of you!

135th Silver Spurs Rodeo

June 5th & 6th
Silver Spurs Arena – 1875 Silver Spur Lane, Kissimmee
School’s Out Blowout activities start at 5pm – Free!

Rodeo begins at 7:30pm – Tickets are $15 and kids 10 and under are free!

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Glitz Blitz:

What is your favorite subject in school?

My favorite subject in school is Civics.

What career would you like to have?

Equine dentist or chiropractic

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Barrel racing

What is your favorite accessory?


What is one thing you struggle with?

One thing I struggle with is keeping up on thing.

Interview with Kassidy Cabot:

You are a very active young lady… rodeo queen, barrel racer, you volunteer for 2 organizations, softball, basketball, gymnastics and of course school. How do you keep yourself organized?

I keep my self organized by taking one thing at a time and not over filling my plate.

How did you get involved with “Pawsitive Action” and “Gods Greys”?

I got involved in Pawsitive Action by seeing them at an event and talked to them. MS. Norma asked me to volunteer and I went out and loved it. Gods Greys I got involved by seeing them at Pet Smart and asked if I can stay and walk the dogs, they said yes and I’ve been going back ever since.

Has your family always been involved with rodeo?

No my family has not always been involved in rodeo but now they are because they have me to bring to events.

Where did you find your horse, Kas?

I found my horse Kas with my mom and trainer the lady that owned her had a lot of horses to choose from and when I saw Kas it was love at first sight.

When did you start barrel racing?

I started becoming competitive this year so I have been barrel racing for 1 year.

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What has been your favorite moment during your time as the Junior Miss Silver Spurs Rodeo Queen? 

My favorite moment is when you meet a little girl that says,” I want to be just like you one day.” That’s truly my favorite moment this year.

What’s the best part of being a rodeo queen?

The best part of being a rodeo queen is that you get to promote the sport that we love so much and getting to educate people on the sport of rodeo.

Tell us about the Silver Spurs Riding Club. 

The Silver Spurs Riding Club was started in 1941  with just 18 men and women in it through out the years it has moved location about 3 times now. In  July 4,1944 they held the first Silver Spurs Rodeo! The rodeo became the biggest rodeo East of the Mississippi River.

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What would be your number one tip for someone that aspires to be the next Junior Miss Silver Spurs?

The number 1 tip is to follow your heart if you do that than nothing will go wrong and stay true to yourself.

What’s the next step for you?

The next step for me is to take a year off so I can focus on barrel racing then go where the wind blows me.

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