Kimmie Wall on New Beginnings

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Kimmie shared this editorial in our recent Women In Rodeo News Letter along with 2016 NFR Barrel Racing Qualifier Kimmie Wall and Jessie Jarvis, Boutique Hub Project Manager.

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As we start the New Year it brings with it hope, excitement, possibility, and new beginnings. Many are making resolutions to help them with their goals. New Resolutions and Goals of being organized, losing weight, eating healthier, reaching goals, and so on. I have never believed in making New Years Resolutions. They have never worked for me. I believe if you want to change just change. If you want to be better be better.

As the New Year begins I challenge you- no resolution just challenges. We should all challenge each other and support each other in this challenge. I challenge you to be positive. Change your thought system to a positive one. Change your thoughts and change your world!!

Sometimes it is just rewording the things we say or the thoughts we think to make them positive. Don’t let negativity creep into your thoughts. For instance if you are struggling with hitting barrels don’t tell yourself or your friends ‘ I don’t want to hit a barrel today’. Change your thought system. Hit is a negative word and brings negative thoughts to your mind. Instead try saying ‘I want to leave all my barrels up today’. You can also try saying positive things you want to accomplish- ‘I am going to have good hands today’. Good is positive. Don’t go to the rodeo or barrel race telling yourself you are going to win. Go there telling yourself the things you want to accomplish on the pattern. Then you will always feel good when you leave.

The sport of barrel racing is very humbling. A favorite saying amongst me and my friends is ‘ You go from Hero to Zero’. We put a lot of money, time, and effort into our dreams. So when things go wrong and they will it’s a tail kicker. Instead of throwing your sucker in the dirt and giving up find the ‘positive’ in the situation. There is always a positive. Sometimes it’s harder than others but a positive can always be found.

When I left the Houston Stockshow and Rodeo after the first time I competed it was hard to find a positive. So many expectations and hopes rode on 3 runs, 9 barrels (and we didn’t see any of them). It ended being a dream crusher when things did not go as as I had wished and hoped they would. As I reflected on the experience I realized how blessed I was just to get the opportunity to compete at such a great event. Hundreds of other girls would have loved to be there and I was feeling bad over not doing well. I met a few new friends and those friendships have blossomed into lifelong friendships. As hard as it was to find a positive on the barrel pattern I decided my friends were the positive. Your positive does not always have to be about the fastest time or the check you won. So no matter how low the cloverleaf takes you there is always a positive. Don’t look back and ask why look ahead and ask why not!

It is a New Year with new goals. We all have exciting new things to look forward to. So train your mind to see the good in every situation- good or bad, easy or hard. Every thought we think is creating our future. Only you have the power to turn your competition and training into something great. Not everyday horseback is easy. But we can always find something positive about it. Our colt tried really hard, we didn’t get as nervous, we learned something new, or maybe we just had a great time with our friends. It’s a new year with new chances. I wish you all the Best of Luck!!

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