Trick Rider Tuesday Featuring Kelsey Scott

Starting the first in a series of Trick Rider Tuesday Interviews with Kelsey Scott! According to her Instagram Bio… Kelsey is a Professional Trick Rider, fitness enthusiast, lover of all things leopard, coffee obsessed and in love with a farmer and a buckskin.

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How did you get started in trick riding and how old were you?

I have been riding horses my entire life, but have been trick riding for 7 years, since the age of 18. I got started trick riding by learning from an alumnae of Dixie Stampede and since then have performed at multiple events and rodeos across the Midwest and south and obtained my pro card in 2016.

What is the hardest trick you perform?

The hardest trick I perform would be the stroud layout, where you are straight off the side of the horse, parallel to the ground, attached only by one foot in a strap and the other foot in a stirrup.

Are there specific trainers for trick riders and for their horses that you would suggest?

I have trained with Karen Vold & Linda Scholtz at Red Top Ranch Trick Riding School and Madison MacDonald, as well as rode alongside many other trick riding professionals. I would recommend any of them for help with trick riding training for horse or rider!

I imagine you must stay in very good shape for trick riding… do you have any special diet or fitness.

Fitness is very important to me, especially in trying to help prevent injuries while trick riding. I workout 4-5 times a week, drink a gallon of water a day, and try to eat as clean as I can, although I do enjoy the occasional donut or two!

Do you have anything else you are passionate about? 

I am super passionate about designing and creating trick riding costumes! I have made all of my personal costumes, as well as dozens of horse and rider costumes for trick riders of all ages across the nation.

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