Trust God’s Timing

Women often define themselves based on labels and titles they have taken on or desire to take on… Boss, Entrepreneur, President, Director, Rodeo Queen etc. So, if you’re in a season of you’re life that doesn’t bestow a title to you or maybe you’ve never had a title… you may feel like less. This is also true if you’ve had a prestigious title and suddenly find yourself without one. Today’s social media world can put a lot of pressure on a woman. I believe women need to work on loving who they are NOW. Don’t spend too much time focusing on who you want to be or who you once were. I’m not saying you shouldn’t chase your dreams, I’m saying do not let it consume you. There are so many “titles” that are much more important and they are God given titles… friend, sister, daughter, aunt and mom. These titles can get lost in the chaos. If you’re so busy building your empire to wear the crown of Boss Babe that you forget to be a good friend, mom, sister aunt or daughter… you can find yourself very lonely later in life. Don’t let a title define you unless it’s one that’s God given. Don’t sit in regret or jealousy of others… Trust in His timing. If you’re title is Mom right now… be the best mom you can be. Your time to shine is NOW.

If you feel you are consumed with earning a title right now. I urge you to shut down social media. Take time to live your life, figure out what your priorities are and put things in perspective. Focus on the good things in your life and build on that. Even disconnecting for a weekend can help tremendously. Your goal should be to embrace being the best version of YOU which has nothing to do with a title. Love who you are right NOW. You are God created and God doesn’t make mistakes.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens

XOXO ~ Heather


Heather Cannon is the founder of Women In Rodeo & Branded C Marketing. Helping Women In Rodeo Master Social Media & Business while Designing a life of Passion, Patience and Perseverance. #DesignYourLife #CreateTheDream

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